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There are many different RepRap Machines. If you know of a printer that should be here please Participate

A large number of RepRap models have been created for different purposes. They generally fall into two common design categories; the traditional Cartesian design, which involves an X, Y and Z axis, and the Delta design, which is where the printing head is suspended from three arms over the print bed. Both designs have their merits, and a large number of models exist for both.

If you dont have access to a 3d printer to print parts for one of these printers, check out the RepStrap category of printers that can Bootstrap themselves without a printer.

Active Projects

See also the many other Machines below that can still be built and have great ideas, but if you are starting out, an active projects will offer better support.

3D Printers

Milling/Router Machines

Robotic Platforms

Toy Printers