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Repetier Documentation
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Release status: working

CAD Models
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It's a nearly complete rewrite (80%) of the well known Sprinter firmware. While rewriting it to simplify it for future improvements and to improve the speed, I added tons of remarks and documentation, helping everyone, who wants to change it a bit.

The firmware runs on the following boards:


  • RAMP acceleration support.
  • LCD Menu directly connected or via I2C (since version 0.60)
  • Supports click-encoder, key matrix and push buttons.
  • Path planning for higher print speeds. (since version 0.32, 2011/9/24)
  • Fast ooze prevention system. (since version 0.35, 2011/10/8)
  • Trajectory smoothing for smoother lines. (since version 0.32, 2011/9/24)
  • Nozzle pressure control for improved print quality with RAMPS. (since version 0.32, 2011/9/24)
  • Fast - 16000 Hz and more stepper frequency is possible with a 16 MHz AVR. (since version 0.32, 2011/9/24)
  • Multiple extruder supported (experimental).
  • Standard ASCII and improved binary (Repetier protocol) communication.
  • Autodetect the command protocol, so it will work with any host software.
  • Continuous monitoring of one temperature.
  • Important parameters are stored in EEPROM and can easily modified without recompilation of the firmware.
  • Stepper control is handled in an interrupt routine, leaving time for filling caches for next move.
  • PID control for extruder temperature.
  • Interrupt based sending buffer (Arduino library normally waits for the recipient to receive written data)
  • Small RAM memory print, resulting in large caches.
  • Supports SD-cards.
  • mm and inches can be used for G0/G1
  • Works with Skeinforge 41, all unknown commands are ignored.
  • Dry run : Execute your G-Code without using the extruder. This way you can test for non-extruder related failures without actually printing.
  • User defined and generic thermistor table( just set r0,t0,beta,r1,r2) in config (since version 0.31).
  • Software PWM for boards, where the PWM timer is used for other purposes.

Download from Github files Github firmware wiki

Use with many existing host software packages or try the Repetier-Host software.