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Repetier Documentation
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Repetier Host

Release status: working

Host software for most RepRap firmwares.
to version 0.91 Apache V2, after version 0.91 Closed-source
CAD Models
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The Repetier-Host is a simple to use host software, which is be compatible with most firmwares around. You can add and position your STL files on the simulated printbed and slice them all together. For slicing you can use the built-in Slic3r slicer or use the well-known Skeinforge. Just call "Slice & Load" and the job gets delegated to the current slicer, showing its output in the log window. For a full description please visit the homepage url (Download).

In the G-Code editor you can change or analyze your code. To help you a short description of the current code is shown below the editor.

The host runs on Windows XP or higher, Linux, and Mac OS X.


  • Easy to use GUI.
  • Easy to use Windows, Linux or Mac OS X installation.
  • Communicates in classic ASCII mode or using binary Repetier-Protocol.
  • Includes the fast Slic3r slicer.
  • Alternatively integrates Skeinforge as second slicer.
  • STL composer - place, rotate and scale your STL files on your printbed and store or slice it.
  • STL files are automatically converted to G-Code.
  • Visual preview of G-Code. You can even change the code and see the difference.
  • Syntax highlighting and code explanation.
  • Visualizes the G-Code sent to the printer.
  • Shows estimated print time.
  • Supports SD cards.
  • Simple control panel for tests.
  • Jobs can be changed in internal editor before being sent to the printer.
  • Supports multiple 3D printers.
  • Logs commands and responses.
  • Test generator for printer calibration.