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Hi Folks.

I have uploaded a printable 3D printer to Thingiverse called the ReprapMJ.

thing:3990953 (link removed).

ReprapMJ is faithful to the reprap philosophy. It is capable of printing itself and it is almost completely printed.

The Basic Printer Has a total Hardware/Vitamin Count of just one part (the build plate).

It is a “Prusa Style” Nylon Capable and Easy to Use 3D Printer with Full 200mm Build Size but Small Footprint. Only one nema is used for the Z axis and so the electronic parts are also reduced.

The full parts list for the basic printer is:

1x 220mmx220mmx3mm sheet of glass or phenolic board (phenolic for printing nylon).

4x Nema17 (40mm long) motors with wiring.

3x Mechanical endstop switches with wiring.

1x Motherboard (I use the MKS Gen L).

1x Hotend (I use a J7 which comes complete including a fan, bowden tube and wiring).

1x 150w 12v Power Supply.

Everything else is printed (and I do mean everything else!!).

You can add the usual standard options such as Heated Bed, LCD/SD Card and a nylon capable Extruder:

1x 220x220 Heated bed with wiring (I use the Anycubic Ultrabase).

4x Springs for the above.

1x LCD 2004 with SD Card reader (my favourite screen).

An alternative extruder to replace the fully printed one (essential for using nylon) needs:

1x Brass knurled gear.

1x U604 bearing.

Everything else is printed (and I do mean everything else!!).

So far I am the only person who has printed a ReprapMJ. I have used an Ender3pro, a TronxyX3 and earlier versions of ReprapMJ and they all gave consistent and good results. However, I could really do with some help and more varied builds.

I will to try to complete this page properly as soon as I have a chance but this is a side project and my main projects keep me pretty busy (also I have Grand kids!!!!).