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The Reprap Next is an offspring of Prusa Mendel i2. It has 20x20x24 cm print volume, and reuse most of Prusa i2's parts.. Reprap next 01.jpg

The idea is to alter the Reprap Prusa i2 at an absolute minimum cost, in order to get 21-24 cm of print height. Note, that, unlike in Reprap Pyramid, we are not going to purchase longer smooth rods: we'll reuse the 30 cm ones. We are only going to need some (not all) new plastic parts and new threaded rods ($3-4 on a local construction market). The rest: hardware, electronic components etc. - is the same.

Reprap next 02.jpg


Stop hand.svg.png Warning
The website below charges money for the STL files and they may not be usable. See here: Reddit Thread

Reprap Next provides detailed assembly instructions on its home page (select 3d Printer - Reprap Next to skip intros): Reprap Next