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Release status: working

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Bootstrapped Delta Printer
CAD Models
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This RepStrap was an experiment: What is the minimum you need to bootstrap yourself a printer good enough to enhance, improve and update itself? I asked myself in 2013. At best it would be built with a cordless drill, but in the end I had to use a drill press form time to time. First thouhts were only to use (alienated) standard parts, wrought material etc., but mercifully eBay had enough more specific items for me. :-)

First step

RoStrap 1.jpg RoStrap 2.jpg RoStrap 3.jpg RoStrap 4.jpg

My first tentative steps included destroying and re-builiding the nozzle.

<videoflash type="vimeo">140472817</videoflash> <videoflash type="vimeo">139869163</videoflash> <videoflash type="vimeo">140847850</videoflash> <videoflash type="vimeo">141580558</videoflash>

Second step

Once print speeds were reasonable, the heated mirror in place and calibration as good as it got the tinkered parts were replaced with printed ones.

It is -by now- documented at and this page will be updated to at least a fact sheet soon.


<videoflash type="vimeo">143415437</videoflash>