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Release status: Concept

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Integrating robotics and reprap
CAD Models
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Why discuss about Repraped robot on Reprap wiki ?

  • Share components :

Since Reprap has already a lot of open hardware actuators and sensors, robotic people can use reprap parts as part of their robotic ( autonomous, artistic ... ) and create new that will fit with reprap. (The Darwin and other CNC machines each already qualify as a "robot" under a few broad definitions of the term)

  • Reprapable robot

Robot are a set of part like PCs are but that doesn't benefit of the mass market, so good one are really expensive. Do its own parts with reprap will make them become available for the mass via open source initiative.

  • Reprap's arm, leg and brain  :

Today, reprap is not able to feed itself. Tomorrow , we can imagine some AI brain, and see the machine or another reprap project robot found its food (collaboration or autonomous work).

  • If the project is not welcome here , we can move it latter. But the most we share , the best we can.


  • Noduino , a smart , small and cheap board for robotic actuators and sensors ( WIP ).

design to use CANbus as polybot G3 ( Who did say CANbus won't fit in robotic ?

wishlist :


Embedded software

CANopen initiative

see CANopen

Host/brain/master software

Blender as a masterpiece

Open Source Robotic Studio ? look the well documented and up to date draft of Dr Herman Bruyninckx :

Open Source Robotic Projects small bots using AVR atmega168v

RepRap Robo-One Working Party

RepRap Harry, the robot quadraped Working Party

Recommended reading