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Samuel Lehrer Miami is a real estate developer and he has completed his graduation from the University of Florida. He and his family are the longtime supporters of The Little Yellow School House on Isla Mujeres that support the disabled children in achieving their greatest potential. He is the active supporter of a bi-annual golf tournament that raises funds for retired and ex-Navy SEALs. He is the organizer of several social events that raise charity for the noble cause.

Personal Life


Samuel Lehrer Miami has completed his affiliated degrees in the field of management and marketing from the University of Florida. He has also earned certification in Health Care Management.

Professional Experience

• After completing his graduation from the University of Florida in 1994, Samuel Lehrer Miami has got an opportunity to work in the field of medical sales, management, and business development. His complete dedication and devotion have helped him in earning a major name for himself in the field of medical supply and pharmaceutical industries.

• In the pharmaceutical industry, he has worked in Retail sector, where he used to do the marketing of the medical equipment, which includes the equipment for doing cardio-therapy surgery, ophthalmic and refractive equipment.

• He has also work in dealing with the equipment related to cosmetic and surgical lasers and he is a consultant for several branded ophthalmic laser companies. He is also the owner of two Aesthetic Medical practices that are located in Cancun, Mexico.

• Nowadays, Samuel Lehrer is focusing towards growing his hotel business and alongside he is also working on developing commercial as well as residential real estate projects that are running in Mexico, and South America.

A Social Worker

• Samuel Lehrer Miami and his family is the long-time supporter of The Little Yellow School House that is located on Isla Mujeres. The Little Yellow High School is a Philanthropic organization that is situated on the Mexican island off the coast of Cancun. This organization helps the disabled and special needs children in achieving their greatest potential of becoming successful and with a great support this organization has grown from a single-room school to a facility having four classrooms, two consulting rooms, and a kitchen.

• Apart from supporting the Little Yellow High School, Samuel Lehrer Miami is one of the active supporters of the bi-annual golf tournament that raises funds for the retired and ex-Navy SEALs. The main motive of this tournament is to improve the retired lives of the most respected branches of the armed forces.