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Pololu Electronics

Release status: Prototype

Control for Reprap, based on Sanguino and Pololu A4983 Stepper Drivers
Creative Commons Share-Alike 4.0
CAD Models
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Here is a project I've been working on. It started in this forum thread. I would like a nice clean board to control my currently un-born Reprap, and due to its cost and simplicity I've chosen to use the Sanguino Arduino compatible board paired with a set of Pololu Allegro A4983 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier boards. In order to keep things tidy, I've mushed all this into one board.

Latest Updates

Latest revision: 0.7 Updated March 3, 2011

The revision 0.6 PCBs have been shipped! Now for their trek across the Pacific.... In order to keep prices cheap, there will be a surplus of these boards. drop me a line in irc if you want a sample. And to source the parts I've created a parts list on [].

Please note that the 0.6 revision does not have pads for the voltage regulator (added in 0.7), and in order to be powered by USB bus, a greenwire must be soldered.

The first prototype, revision 0.1, is completely working, though required a minor fix in the form of a green-wire to enable power-by-usb Sanguinololu.0.1.jpg


Small design - board is 100mm x 50mm (4" x 2"), 2 sided, a bunch of vias (DIY routed 1 sided design in the works)
Sanguino clone, Atmel's ATMEGA644
Up to 4 Pololu (or Pololu compatible) on-board (X,Y,Z,Extruder) (A4983 without voltage regulator)
Supports multiple power configurations
Logic & Motors supplied by ATX power supply (needs molex harddrive connector, and optional 4pin atx connector for additional 12v)
Motors supplied by 5mm screw terminal (7v-35v)
Logic supplied by USB bus (if connector is installed)
Logic supplied by optional on-board voltage regulator (molex harddrive connector cannot be installed at the same time)
Supports multiple communication configurations
FT232RL on-board for USB connectivity
USB2TTL header is available for FTDI cable, or BlueSMIRF bluetooth module
Edge connectors for all wire connections, for vertical jumpers or right-angle tidyness, with or without polarizing tab
Silkscreen for connectors on both sides of the board, facilitating bottom cable connections for even more tidyness
Sanguino extra pin header for expansion (6 analog IO and 4 digital IO - two for uart2, and two PWM pins)
All through-hole components (except FTDI chip) for easy DIY soldering
2 thermistor connectors with circuitry
2 N-MOSFETs for extruder/bed, or whatever
Selectable 12v/5v endstop voltage

Schematic & Board Images

Sanguinololu-schematic.jpg Sanguinololu-top.jpg Sanguinololu-bottom.jpg

EAGLE files