SmartBoxRap 6"

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SmartBoxRap 6"

Release status: experimental

Description A derivative of Smartrap mini. Low cost low tech.
License [[]]
Author Bodgeit
Based-on Smartrap mini
Categories Huxley RepStrap, Huxley, FlatPack, LaserCut, MDF, XZ-head
CAD Models none
External Link SmartBoxRAP 6"


For the last Five years I have been building various RepStrap versions of Darwin and Mendel trying to devise simple ways to build these printed self replicating machines. SmartBoxRap 6" is based on all of the experience gained building the previous RepStraps.


Belt drive, Bowden Extruder, J-Head_Lite, Heated Bed, Removable print plate. True 6" cube print volume. 1-2 hour build time > 50 screws


Build plate 160mm x 170mm Heated bed 160mm x 160mm Build Volume 152.4mm x 152.4x 152.4 or 6" cubed