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  • ...The main target is additive fabrication using [[FFF]] processes. Codes for print head movements follow the [ ...cise control over the tool path, and thus are useful if you have a complex print that is not suitable for naive slicing. The final option is to just write t
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  • ...eting it. I think this page helped many reprappers and makers to enter the 3d printing world easily, without the fuzziness of the early years, where the ==What is 3D printing?==
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  • ...trate Release Mechanisms for Gas Metal Arc 3-D Aluminum Metal Printing]. ''3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing''. 1(4): 204-209 (2014). DOI: http://d ...d to assess the interlayer adhesion between the printed metal part and the print substrate. No warping of the substrate was observed during printing. It was
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