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A SplineScanner is a 3D Scanner.
CAD Models
External Link

This page may be a deep mirror of http://www.splinescan.co.uk(web.archive.org) , depending on how User:Andrew Lewis feels about it.

Note that user:klattimer http://www.splinescan.co.uk/ has been offline for a while. Andrew informed me recently that the code has been branched and continued by someone else and he isn't involved in it any longer.

Pylatscan - the new code can be downloaded from GitHub here; https://github.com/mvhenten/pylatscan

Entrepreneurship (Kits)

Andrew Lewis may have a cottage industry making and selling kits. He's also the developer. If you want to buy a kit, he's the best person to buy one from. File:Example-of-scanner-in-background-with-scanned-mesh-on-computer-screen.jpg


A 'Splinescanner' is a machine that 'Splinescans', that is it makes a laser-scan and 3D model of a real object, like a baby's shoe or a six-foot tall sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

'Splinescanning' is the RepRap generic term for laser-scanning.

Note: nomenclature is a little non-obvious. A RepRap with a scanning head is a 'Splinescanner'.

Photogrammetry is not Splinescanning, but is functionally equivalent inasmuch as at the end of the day, you have a nice working scanned mesh.


Sub-millimeter scans of objects 2m tall.

Ideally, it is easy to build using the RBS.

Splinescan is GPL so it works well with RBS and RepRap.

Could become a key tool for the David Project.