TMC2660-Dual Stepper Board

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Release status: Experimental

TMC2660-PA Dual Stepper Board
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Dual TMC2660 Expansion Board

A 70x78mm expansion board providing two 2.2A (RMS) / 2.8A (RMS) boost current Trinamic TMC2660 stepper drivers, designed for general-purpose use on a wide range of 3D Printing Electronics, powered from 9-29 volts DC, compatible with 3.3v and 5v boards, and providing an on-board NTC temperature resistor, dual STEP/DIR/EN for motor control and an SPI-based interface for configuration of both drivers.



  • Two independent TMC2660-PA steppers
  • Experimental 2-layer (1oz copper) design
  • Relatively large PCB to support proper thermal dissipation (70x78mm)
  • 1 on-board 100k NTC with a 4.7k bias
  • compatible with 3.3V or 5V electronics
  • Supports Motor DC Power input from 9 up to 29 volts.
  • 18-pin 2.54mm DIL Header with 1 ADC (thermistor), 2 sets of STEP/DIR/EN, and SPI. (I2C unused: for future use)

AUX2 Header

TMC2660 DSB AUX2.jpg

AUX2 is an 18-pin (2x7) header at the left of the board. Pin 1 is marked (bottom right, row 9). This header has nine GPIO and SPI. Four pins per stepper are required: EN, CS, STEP, DIR. The ninth pin is an ADC and is connected to a 100k NTC thermistor in the middle of the PCB. It may be used to check the temperature, to detect if the PCB is overheating. Note that pins 13 and 14 are reserved for I2C. Future versions of TMC2660-DSB may have I2C ICs on-board.

  • Pin 18 (row 1, left): MOT1EN# - pull low to enable
  • Pin 17 (row 1, right): GND
  • Pin 16 (row 2, left): MOT2EN# - pull low to enable
  • Pin 15 (row 2, right): GND
  • Pin 14 (row 3, left): SCL (Unused: do not use or connect)
  • Pin 13 (row 3, right): SDA (Unused: do not use or connect)
  • Pin 12 (row 4, left): CS2# - Motor 2 SPI ChipSelect - pull low to enable
  • Pin 11 (row 4, right): CS1# - Motor 1 SPI ChipSelect - pull low to enable
  • Pin 10 (row 5, left): SCK
  • Pin 9 (row 5, right): ST1 - Motor 1 Step
  • Pin 8 (row 6, left): MOSI
  • Pin 7 (row 6, right): DIR1 - Motor 1 Dir
  • Pin 6 (row 7, left): MISO
  • Pin 5 (row 7, right): DIR2 - Motor 2 Dir
  • Pin 4 (row 8, left): 100k NTC Thermistor, 4.7k biased.
  • Pin 3 (row 8, right): ST2 - Motor 2 Step
  • Pin 2 (row 9, left): Power (3.3v for Due, 5.0v for 2560)
  • Pin 1 (row 9, right): GND