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Family Puppies – From our Home to yours

Family Puppies is a dog breeder based organization having 10+ years of experience in raising breeds such as Havanese, cockapoo, French bulldogs, and Coton puppies in a healthy, clean, and friendly atmosphere. The prizes of these puppies depend on various factors such as their size, color, and pedigree. This particular organization also helps to find the new homes for these special breeds of puppies as well as assist you in choosing the right puppy for you and your family.

They provide a sample starter bag for your puppy which consists of Eukanuba small breed puppy food to all our small breed puppies as well as Eukanuba large breed puppy food to our large breed puppies. You can also buy the sample from online platforms like Petsmart or

Family Puppies Nappanee Indiana also offers a one-year health related guarantee for all the available puppies along with seventy two hour checkup of the available different breeds of puppies from vet specialists to ensure customer satisfaction.

David Chupp – Owner of the Family Puppies

David Chupp from Nappanee Indiana is an expert in nurturing many different dog breeds in a warm and loving environment. For the past 10+ years, he has been the owner as well as general manager of a family dog breeding business – the Family Puppies. His specialties encompass smaller breeds such as Coton de Tulear, Havanese, French bulldogs, and Cockapoo. He also has completed his education from Northwood High School.

Family Puppies - David Chupp says that it is a reputable dog breeding organization which mainly focuses on the needs, personality, and training of the available different breeds such to offer better as well as easy going pets to the future owners.