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In my build quest, I've run into some roadblocks. Before I get around to actually spending some time removing them, I'll just list them below:

  • The rod are ill-defined: has potential lengths, but those are for a mendel 1/2 the size (looks like linearly), and the mini-mendel isn't specified to be 1/2 the size of the regular mendel. Of course, just doing shrinks that preserve the ratios might work, but the mini might have needed a bit of length tweaking, so that might not be true.
  • Tied in with the above block, there is no way that a mendel uses less threaded rod than smooth.
  • Bolts are not included in the cost breakdown, and not specified anywhere I can see.
  • The STEP files seem to have evaporated.

Discussion page, because this doesn't seem to deserve going on the actual page until I actually overcome these things.

EDIT: wait, I just found the actual repo for the mini-mendel at Someone should change all those bad links.

tno 04:23, 9 July 2010 (UTC)