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With all the forking of projects we have in our community, we need to do a better job of outlining what makes this fork different than the original. Could someone who knows put details on what makes the Prusa i3 Rework different than the original Prusa i3?

There is some information (in French) on the github page, here is a quick-and-dirty translation:

Improvements with respect to the original version:

  • Extruder parts modified to support a Magma Hotend.
  • Changes to the "Fan Duct" to achieve better cooling of the Hotend.
  • Changes to the "Y Corner" to improve stability.
  • Changes to the "Y Idler" to add a system for adjusting the belt tension.
  • Changes to the "X End Idler" and the "Y Motor mount" to support endstops (limit switches).
  • Updated the "X End Idler" to support a 624 bearing.
  • Adding a "Z Endstop holder part" to support the Z-axis endstop.
Note that "original version" here refers to the original Prusa i3 Einstein, itself a variant of the Prusa i3.

is there any file for the frame?

I believe that is the aluminum single plate frame design by Josef Prusa and available commercially from a number of vendors worldwide.