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We're in the process of expanding this page and format changes are possible.

Notes/questions/discussions from people
Cefiar: Where possible, list as much of the location/address as is known. Where the site is online order only, a suburb and state is fine.
Cefiar: If a site has no website at all, please make sure to list a phone number along with the location!
Cefiar: Tools section added as a table (almost copied verbatim from the CCHS wiki page btw - please expand).
Cefiar: Should we use this same sort to table format for all sections of the page, or should we stick to the nested list format? Opinions welcome.
I've added a few suppliers and made some formatting changes, in an attempt to improve readability. Revert or whatever Weasel 01:46, 26 November 2011 (UTC).
Cefiar: I actually (mostly) maintain the CCHS wiki pages too. I am happy to re-format this (the Aus Suppliers) page in the same manner, or in any other arrangement as long as we get some consensus.