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TeeBot Documentation
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Release status: working

A folding RepRap 3D printer with simple to get materials.
CAD Models
comming soon
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Another folding 3D Printer

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Having two Reprap 3D printers, I needed one, easy to carry for exhibition, and shows , The FoldaRap was perfect!!, But, I wanted something much more simple and basic. I took the FoldaRap, stripped it down in parts, replaced the aluminium profiles with simple square aluminium pipes, separated the electronics from the machine and also used some of Prusa i3 parts. One month later and a box of failed, mismatching parts. Finally it works..... and yes it folds and fit in my hand luggage suitcase. :). TeeBot1.0.jpeg 3D drawing of the machine

TeeBot suitcase 3d printer

suitcase TeeBot

One variant of TeeBot: "TeeBot A suitcase 3D printer!". With this variant, the suitcase does double-duty as both a case that contains and protects the printer during transportation, and also forms part of the structural frame of the printer during printing. The suitcase replaces several square metal pipes -- everything that would have been attached to those pipes is instead directly bolted to the suitcase.

Details: "TeeBot Suitcase" on github.

How to make one

Will be updated soon...