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Crystal Clear action run.pngGada Prize
No image available.png
Description {{{description}}}
License {{{license}}}
Team Members unknown1
Based-on {{{based-on}}}
Files {{{files}}}
Forum {{{forum}}}
Categories [[Category:{{{categories}}}| {{{categories}}}]] [[:Category:{{{categories}}}]]
Machine Specifications
Current Version {{{current version}}}
Dimensions Length: {{{dlength}}}
Width: {{{dwidth}}}
Height: {{{dheight}}}
Build Envelope Length: {{{belength}}}
Width: {{{bewidth}}}
Height: {{{beheight}}}
Materials Printed {{{materials printed}}}
Replication {{{replication}}}
Build Cost (≈) {{{build cost}}}
Technology {{{technology}}}

Template Documentation

An infobox template for describing Gada Prize Team projects. This infobox is highly experimental, please lend a hand!



  • title (auto generated from page name)
  • status (required)
Status Type Theme Color
unknown #CCCCCC
concept #FF9933
experimental #00B
beta #CCCCCC
stable #00920
obsolete #CCCCCC
abandoned Red


  • image (optional)
  • auto-sizes any image to 240px
  • caption (optional)


  • description (required)
  • license (required)
  • GPL 2.0
  • team members (required)
  • based-on (optional)
  • files (optional)
  • forum (optional)

Machine Specifications

  • current version (optional)
  • dimensions (required)
  • build envelope (required)
  • materials printed (required)
  • ABS
  • PLA
  • replication (required)
  • build cost (required)
  • technology (required)

Adjustments and Potential Features

The following are ideas for improving this infobox. Any discussion regarding these ideas should take place the talk page.

  1. The 'theme color' needs some major work --Isaac Olson 00:27, 25 October 2010 (UTC)
  2. Status needs to be located directly under the title in smaller text --Isaac Olson 05:35, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

Example Usage

{{Gada Prize
|status = doing good
|image = rustygears.jpeg
|caption = These gears are rusty.
|description = This is an example of the Gada Prize infobox template.
|license = [[GPL]]
|team = Example_User
|based-on = [[Sui Generis]]
|files= [[Generation_6_Electronics#Files | file display example]]
|forum = [http://forums.reprap.org/list.php?171 example forum]
|categories = <!-- Extruders -->
<!--Machine Specifications-->
|current version = A
|dlength = 300[11.8]
|dwidth = 300[11.8]
|dheight = 300[11.8]
|belength = 175[6.9]
|bewidth = 175[6.9]
|beheight = 175[6.9]
|materials printed = ABS, PLA
|replication = 87%
|build cost = $350
|technology = FFF
Crystal Clear action run.pngGada Prize
doing good
These gears are rusty.
Description This is an example of the Gada Prize infobox template.
License GPL
Team Members Example_User
Based-on Sui Generis
Files file display example
Forum example forum
Categories [[Category:| ]] [[:Category:]]
Machine Specifications
Current Version A
Dimensions Length: 300[11.8]
Width: 300[11.8]
Height: 300[11.8]
Build Envelope Length: 175[6.9]
Width: 175[6.9]
Height: 175[6.9]
Materials Printed ABS, PLA
Replication 87%
Build Cost (≈) $350
Technology FFF


wikipedia infobox help

wikipedia infobox template category

wikipedia infobox style guide