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These are the printed parts that are common to both Wilson RS and TS. This article is intended for transclusion into other articles, which is why it is a template.

Printed Parts – Required
X end idler 1 Wilson-x-idler.jpg
X tensioner 1 Wilson-x-tensioner.jpg
X end motor 1 Wilson-x-motor.jpg
X carriage 1 Wilson-xcarriage.jpg
Y bearing holder 4 Wilson-y-bearing-holder.jpg
Z motor holder, left
Z motor holder, right
1 of each Wilson-z-motor.jpg
Z rod holder, left
Z rod holder, right
1 of each Wilson-z-rodholder.jpg
Z endstop holder 1 Wilson-zendstop-holder.jpg
Idler bearing guide (pair) 2 Wilson-bearingguide.jpg
Extruder body and idler 1 Wilson-extruder.jpg
Extruder gear set 1 Wilson-gears.jpg
Extruder fan duct 1 Wilson-duct.jpg