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Files! Coming Soon!

Reprap is currently doing an exquisitely bad job, CAD and STL file wise. We're working on it; if you're curious and if you'd like to help, please join our mailing list:

Dated Material

The RepRap Object Library: Things to Make using a RepRap

Available Files 
Download and print objects that have already been designed.
Uploading Files 
Use the "Upload file" command in the "toolbox" to the left to upload a file. To create a page, enter that url in the addressbar in your browser.
Wanted Objects 
Suggestions for things that a RepRap might usefully make.
Recommended File Formats 
While we'll accept any 3D object file formats, or even a cocktail napkin sketch, there are some file formats that we prefer for RepRap.
Software Tools 
Software tools to help in the creation and verification of RepRap models.

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