The most Affordable Desktop metal 3D printing

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The most affordable desktop metal 3d printing based on aluminum extrusion method to produce a metallic parts. This method use special designed extruder to melt the aluminum and push it under pressurized argon gas through 0.3mm nuzzle. Theoretically the wall thickness of printed parts can be almost the same as the nuzzle size.

Current result


The above picture is first successful print result - the 4-layer aluminum wall with 10cm long and 0.4cm thickness. This wall cut off from both sides. So, the actual print result is below: Bc2df212dcc6625f634676fe3da4f80b.JPG

Also, there is short YouTube video.

Extruder design

The main focus is Extruder. Extruder drawings under development. Waiting for few testing procedures and finalizing drawings.

3D printer mechanics design

The printer itself should be constructed with metallic parts, should be shielded gas proof (argon/nitrogen) and the table of printer should not be movable to hold massive substrate.


The extruder under development and hopefully will be available in few months. The page will be updated accordingly.