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Release status: working

Creative Commons Attribution - Non Comercial - ShareAlike
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Toolcontrollers can be used for 2 purposes.

To control a tool that is not natively used on a machine (Toolcontroller is located near mainboard)

To eliminate EMC (toolcontroller located at the tool)

With our ToolControllers there is no need to transport high amp, high frequency pulses to your tools.

You just add power and low level signal wires.

By doing so we eliminate the EMC generated over long wires created by stepper motor drivers and other high power PWM signals.

Allowing you to comply with UL and EC standards.

Extruder controller

Fan controller

Engraver controller

Extruder controller functions:

  • steppermotor driver
  • heater driver
  • fan driver
  • thermocouple input
  • lights (to see what your tool is doing)
  • control LED`s for heater on, heater temp, body temp