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Sooner or later you may have to transport your bot, the following tips can help. Don't hesitate to add yours or discuss it on the forum : here :)

The question is simple : How do you carry/ship/pack your RepRap ?

Tips & tricks

A good trick is to short out the X & Y stepper motors to stop the axes moving. -nophead

In a Crate/box



"I always fill the crate with foam. Also on the bottom there is 3 cm foam in which the feet are plugged so the foam sits flush with the horizontal bottom bars." -- Unfold Fab: shipping robots

transporting a Grass Roots Engineering big 3d printer by crate

Pelican case

"I use a Pelican 1620 case for lugging around my makerbot cupcake. The squishy foam inserts seem to do a good job of holding it firmly in place and absorbing most of the rattling movement." -- Andrew Plumb

"My Ultimaker's in a big Pelican case. It flew 4 times without any problems. TSA also wasn't a problem with my US trip. I was planning to make a lighter case, because right now I can't bring a lot of other stuff, because I'm almost over the allowed weight with just the machine it it (both are about 10kg)" -- Erik de Bruijn

Flight case

I dream of having a case for my reprap, equipped with tools, filaments, etc. Just having to open and print.

And someone did it :


By Hand

Holding the two upper rod by one hand (for mendel-like design)


It's a good compromise but slow the walk as you must take care to don't bump it with your knee.

Variation : with a piece of cloth it's a bit easier


Taking the base with two hand

Maybe one of the safest way to carry it, but rapidly exhausting (the weight is heavier as you lift it).

Tried also with a plate under to let the four feet rest perfectly flat (less risk of un-tightening).

On a luggage

Actually the easiest way I found, resting on the top like a vanity case, and attached with a piece of cloth.


As a backpack

An idea I imagined if I wanted to transport it on a bike. With two shoulder-strap to carry it like a bag (maybe with some foam to don't hurt your back).

Permanently attaching a RepRap to a case

At least one researcher used a milk crate do double-duty as both a strong case that contains the printer during transportation, and a strong frame material that supports the bits and pieces of the printer during operation: MilkRap.

Further reading

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