Universal Controller Board v1.3

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This page describes something which is no longer the most recent version. For the replacement version see: "Official" Electronics

Note: development on Kicad boards should be done in the electronics/universal directory in subversion



  • switch to MOSFET transistors (rewiring?) (d0ubled)


  • Add debug LED's to Tx and Rx (nophead)
  • Add debug LED's to min/max sensors (nophead)
  • Add ICSP Header (Eric Frias)
  • Add debug LED's to extra power transistors (Zach Smith)
  • Remove R7/R8 wire links (nophead)
  • Add ICSP header components (Eric Frias)

PCB Layout


  • Slightly Enlarge holes on .100 headers
  • Fastener holes: ensure clearance fit for 1/8" (3.125mm) diameter shank (Imperial equivalent of M3). Dia 3.5mm should do it.
  • Fastener washer space: ensure circuits avoid the radius of an M3 or 1/8" washer on the fastener holes (metal washers might short the circuit).
  • More space for heater transistor heatsink (ensure clearance on heater LED)
  • Avoid running high-amp power tracks through the board. Use multiple vias if transit is unavoidable.
  • Another 0.5mm between the pads on the stepper connector & nearest mounting hole.
  • Keep area between mounting holes at the heater connector edge clear for extruder mounting bracket (10mm wide clear zone). The bracket bashes into the soldered joints of the heater connector.

I solved it with a couple of washers to make the board stand off the mounting bracket.


General TODO

  • Test LED modifications on v1.2.1 board with 'green wire' mods.

Technical Documentation

 * UCB 1.3.0 Schematic as of 2007-08-19 as a JPEG image
UniversalControllerBoard 1 3-universal-sch.jpg