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Dear Bodyn,

If you're not a bot, but a real human being:

Please stop deleting my students blog posts on their user pages. It's pretty obviously not spam if you read them, and it makes them sad when people delete their work.

Thanks. -ED

Dear ED,

I'm sorry. In these days, spam attempts increases rapidly. I'm trying to keep this site clean of spam. I'm sorry about the problems but your guys add just outside links with no other work on other pages, I suppose that they were spambots.

Yours sincerely -Bodyn

Glad to see you two got this sorted. Yes, sometimes it's difficult to distinguish a good spambot from a human, so unintended deletes can happen. Blogs on user pages are welcome, I hope spam fight mistakes don't upset their authors too much. Only humans delete/clear pages and the server keeps deleted stuff in a hidden place, so a restoration is always only a message or a few clicks away. Thanks for your blogger's patience and also thanks to the spam fighters. --Traumflug 11:46, 24 January 2013 (UTC)