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Here is info about me, my goals, status


  • Name: David
  • Country: Canada
  • Schooling: Currently attending University
  • Field of Study: Combined Computer Science and Business Management

My Goals:

  • Lifelong - Learn More.
  • To contribute to the RepRap community
  • by June 2015 - Finish my build of a Prusa_Mendel variant (240x350x260), and post a build log online
  • by June 2015 - To build a x-axis Reprap that has quickly Interchangeable/Multiple Tool-heads.
    • vertical x axis based, with quick connection being similar to cartridges for printers, the hotend will clip into a groove on the bottom of the carriage and the top will either clip into place or have a imple thumb nut to hold in place. The filament drive will be one of three options: Bowden with a quick slip off coupling, direct with motor mounted on backside of carriage between bars, or shaft driven direct
  • by October 2015 - Design / test simple circuit board cutter for above
  • by December 2015 - Complete a PBX recycled cabinet reprap
  • by December 2015 - Implement my Shaft_Driven_Extruder concept from 2011, and post results.

Stretch Goals, for projects I am interested in

  • examine newer ideas on Bowden extruder that indicate: constant filament pressure from bowden drive prevents drag problems from the filament as the x axis moves.
  • help the development of a Basic_Sewing_Machine / Embroidery attachment for the RepRap.
  • dual independent x carriage and extrusion, possibly will be useful for multi-part or material fabrication. Further discussion and research will be needed.
    • ^while the physical design is quickly doable, the software and firmware will require alot of time and effort

Current Status:

Acquiring Parts / Starting to Assemble

Here is what I have so far:
  • Motors:
100 Sanyo Denki, Nema 17, Bi-Polar 6 wire stepper motors, Type: 102H5208-10U41 , 59oz-in holding torque.
with a 21 tooth MXL 1/4" wide pulley on each.
cost me $278/100 = $2.78 for each motor with shipping
However, getting the data sheet for theses was a royal pain, even at that I still needed to update it.
60 T&L International Stepping motor, Bi-Polar 6 wire stepping motor, Type: 42BYG401-06A, apx 31+oz-in holding torque
with a 28 tooth mxl 1/4 brass pulley on each.
$300 / 60 = $5 each with shipping, but they still have a gear head and it is the same sad story on ebay $15-40
the motors sound grainy when turned
  • The Brains:
Ramps 1.4, Melzi, Generation_6_Electronics
  • Motor Drivers:
Ended up getting some polulu motor drivers when they went on sale for my first reprap
A4988 Polulu drivers
I bought components for "EasyDrivers"
for when I get around to playing with making circuit boards
They will provide 750mAmps at 30v per phase
  • Structure (aka Frame):
8 Hardened steel rods I salvaged from a bunch of old printers for the slides
6 3ft 5/16 galvanized Threaded rods
5/16 nuts
5/16 external tooth washers
100+ 1/4 USS washers
USS type are NOT CONSISTENT IN THICKNESS(0.51" - 0.90"), they need presorting so they are 0.01" of eachother
^ know what, forget presorting, as long as the nuts are in the right spot, the washers can be as big as they want to be.