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Here is info about me, my goals, status


  • Name: David
  • Country: Canada
  • Schooling: Currently attending University
  • Field of Study: Combined Computer Science and Business Management

My Goals:

  • To build a RepStrap/CNC platform that has quickly Interchangeable/Multiple Tool-heads.
  • To contribute to the RepRap community, via wiki, and hopefully The sale of RepRaps kits/parts to help this community grow.
  • Learn More than what I already know.
  • To help in the development of a basic sewing machine / Embroidery attachment for the RepRap.

Current Status:

Acquiring Parts / Starting to Assemble

Here is what I have so far:
  • Motors:
100 Sanyo Denki, Nema 17, Bi-Polar 6 wire stepper motors, Type: 102H5208-10U41 , 59oz-in holding torque.
with a 21 tooth MXL 1/4" wide pulley on each. Cost: PRICELESS steal!
cost me $114 bucks for the whole lot. But, shipping and import fees where $165 so it came to $278
but $278/100 = $2.78 for each motor with shipping... hmmmm. these motors sell at $15-40 on ebay... ($60 new)
However, getting the data sheet for theses was a royal pain, even at that I still need to update it.
60 T&L International Stepping motor, Bi-Polar 6 wire stepping motor, Type: 42BYG401-06A, apx 31+oz-in holding torque
with a 28 tooth mxl 1/4 brass pulley on each. Cost: Almost a Priceless steal.
little bit more pricey about $300 with import fees
$300 / 60 = $5 each with shipping, but they still have a gear head and it is the same sad story on ebay $15-40
Now data on these was even harder to find but I have some and am going to make a cad scehmatic soon
  • The Brain (aka BRAINS! or motherboard for the non-Zombie fans):
I purchase a "Seeedduino mega" when it was on sale
I think it is are great so I am planning on using it(even if it is overkill).
  • Motor Drivers:
I bought components for "EasyDrivers"
They will provide 750mAmps at 30v per phase
you can buy them from but I wanted to make my own)
Ended up getting some polulu motor drivers when they went on sale for my first reprap
  • Structure (aka Frame):
8 Hardened steel rods I salvaged from a bunch of old printers for the slides (free - 2hrs salvage)
6 3ft 5/16 galvanized Threaded rods ($3 each, got them on sale at princess auto)
apx 20+ nuts ( DANG expensive at home depot, or home hardware at +$0.26 each, buy them at totem for $0.12 instead)
100+ 1/4 USS washers (+$0.12 each, so I bought a box of a hundred at $0.05 each instead.)
USS type are NOT CONSISTENT IN THICKNESS(0.51" - 0.90"), they need presorting so they are 0.01" of eachother
  • Corners (aka the pieces that make those annoying angles):
I am cutting the intial ones out of 3/4 MDF which I will seal using wood hardener or glue-water mix.

So in essence My first reprap will actually be a repstrap/ wolfstrap since it uses wood, but hey it is cheaper than trying to buy the plastic parts since anyone I can find wants to charge a (explicit descriptive here) for them.

(The only reason this is not on a development page yet, is because I am still getting parts, taking pictures, procrastinating, assembling stuff, making excuses, writing essays)(OK, it is really cause I havent got to it yet, but I will as soon as the semester is over (around May 2nd))

Yay! --Sebastien Bailard 07:05, 11 April 2011 (UTC)