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For this class we write weekly blogs on a variety of topics that have to do with 3D printing.

Blog 1: Thingiverse

We had to explore around on Thingiverse and find different items.


An item that is amazing/beautiful

This just looks so beautiful. The original design of gyrornament is made by ivory, which are mostly acquired from illegal source. I think that to some extent, 3D printed pla has certain similarity with ivory on artistic value except the price. At first this thing seems to be extremely difficult to print, but the feedback on thingiverse are generally positive. Source

Octopus stand.jpg

An item that is funny or strange

This thing just tend to be funny in its design. The idea of tablet stand is not novel and very straight forward to everyone. Most to cases, I see designs in this category just tend to focus on its functionality. This octopus tablet just seems to be so interesting on its appearance. I probably will say no to this design if I want to buy a tablet stand, and I think most people consider octopus tentacles as disgusting. However, this design is so funny when you see it at the first time. Source

Hex tie.jpg

An item that is useless

The author call it as a hex tie, but I really think it won't be a good ideal to replace your tie with this. Basically, I can put this into the category of funny things. However, the tie is for formal dress and any design trying to make fun of it just tends to be pointless. Other than that, the author actually use the spring rope to connect each piece and this thing tends to be very vulnerable. The most important, it is ugly.Source

Earbud case.jpg

An item that is useful

This is one of the most useful idea I have found on thingiverse. The reason that I think this ideal is cool and useful is that I am the person who is bothered by coiled earbud cables. On 3D printing aspect, this thing is totally fit with RepRap on its size. This print does have certain amount of overhang and has some narrow slots. It may take some effort to find out the setting to print this piece effectively and efficiently but I think it is printable in general. Source


The best printable Raspberry Pi case I could find

This was the best case that I could find. It had a lot of made versions and a lot of likes. It also allows for customization of the case, because the cut-out holes (that are in the shape of a raspberry in the original version) can be changed (there are some examples in the collection of "I Made One" pictures). The instructions also include a detailed blog post which seems useful for trouble-shooting and gives a lot of credibility to the creators. Source

Out of all the prints I found, none of them really surprised me. I'm not entirely sure how the wood booklet one prints and I'm a bit surprised/confused that someone would print a ping pong ball. I also am still not sure how printing with supports looks like so I would be interested to see that, but not surprised by the outcome, since classmates have already explained how supports work.