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We are a young start-up passionates with new technologies. Our goal is to provide technologies as open-source 3D printer with Prusa Mendel or plug and play solution.

Our activities consists in selling 3D printing product, designing, customizing and helping technology addicts.

Our website is accessible here : http:/ /

Welcome to the RepRap wiki. In general we prefer accounts for actual persons, not for groups. You might consider to create an account for each of you. That said, happy editing! --Traumflug 11:05, 25 July 2013 (UTC)

To the person behind this account: I see your efforts and enhancing the RepRap wiki is always welcome. I also have a few hints/questions and would appreciate if you could solve them before continueing:

  1. For page versions in different languages we have the {{Languages}} template. Please use this instead of some custom replacement, it's used in over 700 places already.
  2. The base page of a multi-language page should have an english name. To make it easier for your french people you can add a page with a french name, redirecting to the french version. Like page Printer with english contents, Printer/fr with french contents and Imprimante redirecting to Printer/fr. This way the language template works.
  3. What is the distinction between Prusa i3 and Prusa i3 Rework? Is this just different documentation for the mechanically same machine? Right now it looks like this, but I might be wrong. If this is right, both documentations should be merged, at least on the page name level. Else we have lots of duplication, likely leading to even more user confusion.
  4. All of the above can be discussed, of course.

Thanks form your friendly wiki admin. --Traumflug 11:54, 7 August 2013 (UTC)

Ok I'll take care of that, sorry about the ultra late answer. Thanks for the request/hints. I will continue the work of my friend.