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My reprap bookmarks


RepRap Experience

Since 2009 but seriously started in July 2010 ^^

left : mendel modded VertX / in the shelves : eMaker Huxley / right : the coming Folding RepRap !


Repsnapper 333-352, Pronterface, eMaker-Pronterface

Skeinforge 39-47 / Slic3r

Rhino/Solidworks and mostly Sketch'up, OpenSCAD (a little, just to adapt other's things)

FiveD, Marlin, Sprinter

Machines built


  • KosselM and a foldable delta (because everything is better if you can fold it, origami powa)


Caen, France

Support me : Liberapay

Blog :

Thingiverse : watsdesign

Photostream : Flickr