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Blog 1

Prompt: Go to thingiverse and look for printable objects, which other people have actually printed (there are photos of them if they've mad them), finding designs which satisfy these descriptions in your mind: A) Something amazing/beautiful B) Something funny or strange C) Something useless D) Something useful E) The 'best' printable Raspberry Pi case you can find.

A) While scrolling through some of the printed objects on thingiverse, I searched to see if someone had printed any models of characters from a game I play online, League of Legends. It turns out that people had. There were a whole bunch of different STL versions of the characters, and there were even a few pictures of actually printed things. The most detailed one I could find was the printed version of the character Ryze. It looked really similar to the way he actually looks. I thought that this really showed how awesome 3D printing was. I felt like this is an example of someone who just made what they thought would be really cool and just printed it out.

B) The strangest thing i found on thingiverse was a teacup dragon puppet. It just sorta looked like a 3D printed dragon that sat in a teacup. I didn't know why someone would want something like that or why that seemed like something they needed to print, but for whatever reason it's a thing now. 3D printing definitely allows people to run wild with ideas. The different things you can do with 3D printing are pretty amazing and can surely cause some strange things to come about because of that.

C) The most useless thing on thingiverse by far is the "NotAKeyProp." It is litterally an object that looks like a key but only attaches to the bottom of your phone. It has no function and seems rather cumbersome. In my mind that makes it very useless. I could see where it might be funny, but I don't believe that many people would be interested in it for more than a second or two.

D) The most useful thing I found on thingiverse was a set of measuring cups. I feel like this would be a really useful thing for a person who cooks and needs a specific size that might not be in regular measuring cup sets. I could see 3D printing being very useful in different aspects of measurement.

E) I thought that the red Raspberry Pi case that is in the following link was the best one on thing inverse. It is ascetically pleasing and the design on top makes it really clear what it is. If i had to choose what case I would put on a Raspberry Pi, I would chose that one.

Blog 3 The proceeding post was written by Brandon Tunkel. I found this to be a great blog post that fully informed me about an interesting topic in 3D printing that I had previously not been fully aware of. This topic was digital rights management and how it applies to 3D printing. I thought this blog told me what it was about, explained a little background with how DRM has been handled in the past, and gave insight to current events and topics while providing a ideas about the future. I managed all this in a very concise and practical way. I feel like it had a lot of information packed into short space.