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I installed the four things in this order because this website told me to do so.

After installing all of that, I took the skeinforge profiles and alterations from here and put them into the skeinforge directory, overwriting the preexisting files. I should have backed them up in case shit fucks up.

Issue with connecting to the printer, hat do go into device manager to see what port it was. I set the data rate 19200 in pronterface in accordance with the guideline set on the whiteboard, changed the z speed to 60 and hit enter to confirm the change.

David gave me a copy of repsnapper which I used to interface with the white printer. It can be found here.

In this version, prior to printing, the settings were adjusted to numbers as seen here .

Made sure that the set temperature line in the Gcode window of repsnapper said "M104 S200.0".

Adjusted home of the z-axis in 1 and .1 mm increments so the tip was barely (.5 to .2mm) above the board.