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I am collecting together my RepStrap bits to start building a machine.

I have created some pages to document related thoughts I have had.

  • Bamboo Printer a compliant axis, bearing free set of mechanics with novel optical feedback
  • Lava Bot for neutral buoyancy direct wax printing
  • Wire termination for screw terminals should not be pre-tinned
  • Mechanical Arrangement category list to try and find all the lost machine project pages and list them at least in one place.
  • LRC This is my attempt to bring a little light-hearted clarity into the licensing quagmire
  • Composite Extruders a category list for extruders that have more than one material extruded at a time, may be internal or external.
  • Fibre Core A new fibre or wire co-extruder system
  • Wet Sock A new composite paste extruder intended for structure printing
  • Patents That affect RepRap and DIY 3D printing. Please add details if you have the energy, the links contain some lists already but of most interest would be the areas that various patents cover, there may be huge holes in patent protection that could allow legal development in some areas pending expiry of certain patents.

There are some other pages I like to keep an eye on.

Based in Loppi, Finland.

You can contact me via the contact page on or on the RepRap forum with the same user name.