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Kristen Murray

About Me

Major Mechanical Engineering
Expected Graduation May 2013
Current Jobs Edsgn100 Senior Lead TA

Edsgn100 drawing tutor

ITS Lab Consultant

Previous Jobs Manufacturing Engineer at Datalogic Automation, Inc.

Merchandise Team Leader at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom

Cashier at a ShurSave grocery store

Hometown Sugarloaf, PA (Hazleton area)
Current city Allentown, PA
Hobbies Windsurfing



Any water sport that I have the opportunity to try!

Goals Attain a full-time Design Engineer position after graduation

Move to the DC metro area

Learn to surf

Contact Me

Email: [email protected]


Week One

Go to Use any means you like to look through the objects submitted to thingiverse and pick out 5 designs which you consider to be the most: 1. useful 2. artistic/beautiful 3. pointless/useless 4. funny 5. weird. Link to the 5 objects you’ve chosen, and discuss why you consider them well described by the 5 adjectives above.

Useful Carabiner
Artistic/Beautiful Chen-Gackstatter Thayer Vase
Pointless/Useless Buttered Corn
Funny iPhone Upgrade Kit
Weird Beaver (Rock)