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Maria P

Print Team Leader

Blog 1 - September 4, 2012

Thingiverse is a website created by MakerBot Industries as a place for people to post virtual 3D designs they made. From these digital designs, real life objects can be made using 3D printers. Similar to the rest of the RepRap resources, this website is open source. There are thousands of designs available to everyone via the GNU General Public License or Creative Commons licenses. Heres a list of some designs found on Thingiverse:

1. Useful- Measuring Spoons

These are easy to print out and can be used in the kitchen whenever you are cooking! They come in 2 tsp and 4 tsp sizes, but can be scaled to what ever you need.

2. Artistic -

3. Pointless -

4. Funny - Rooster Ring

This is a fashionable ring that can only be worn on special occasions. It projects a unique personality and is a great conversation starter!

5. Weird - Used Canaries

This is a design of a dead canary that can possible be used as a decoration of some sort. The sculpture gives a weird vibe with X's over the eyes of the birds.