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I (born 1983 Austria Vienna) am interested in self replicating systems both on the makro- and the nanoscale.
Many of my varied but generally technical designs can be found on Thingiverse: (here)
Libraries I create (there is only one yet) will go on my github space: (here)

Current printer

I have an early Ultimaker Original (production No#118 I think) with several tweaks:

  • upgraded motors plus the then necessary lifting feet
  • blend free hidden super awesome looking lighting
  • a retraction improvement clip (small but important)
  • big steel washers preventing the motors from slipping up an thus preventing the short drivebelts from loosing tension.
  • so-so working long belt tensioners
  • ...

Atomically precise manufacturing (APM) with Nanofactories

I'm investigating the ultimate future of (self replicating) 3D printing where every atom ends up where it shall go.
I'm writing a wiki to collect document and communicate my findings about that topic:
APM wiki