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Blog#1 Thingiverse Designs Entry

1. Useful- Adjustable Monitor Stand

I find this useful because of the money that would be saved just by printing this out.

2. Artistic/Beautiful- Flame Light Shade

This is a hollow model of flames, after adding a light source you have yourself a beautiful little light.

3. Pointless/Useless- Toothpaste Squeezer

First off who even needs one of these, secondly it just a big waste of plastic.

4. Funny- Bottle Opener

A wall mounted bottle opener is one of the best things I found on thingiverse, joust add a penny and screw it on a wall to get your drink on!

5. Weird- Creepy Alien Catapiller

I don't understand who would even want this let-alone waste the time to print it.

Blog#2 ???