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Under construcution

This article is the extended version of a material list for the RepRap Morgan.

Please feel free to add missing parts or correct mistakes.

Thanks to Quentin Harley for his permission to do this and for his outstanding Morgan-project.

Printed parts

You find the original SCAD-file from Quentin Harley, that does all parts, over here: Original Morgan SCAD-file

I've redrawn the parts to ease modifications with Autodesc Inventor.

ZIP-Archives with all files can be downloaded here: All drawings All Inventor files All STL-files


2mm self tapping coach screws, 40mm

15mm brass pipe 440mm

15mm brass pipe 200mm

22mm brass pipe 460mm

8mm threaded rod 650mm

8mm smooth rod

hard spring (idler compression) 7mm

8mm soft spring (lead screw anti backlash)

cabinet coach screws, 5mm