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About Me

RepRap User: Sam Carroll
Me.jpg King Kong
Species Giant Gorilla creature
Height 20–45 metres (65–147 feet)
Weight 1,000–25,000 tons
Relationships Mechani-Kong (Robot Replica)
King Kong (American Counterpart)
Major enemies Oodako
Random giant Sea Snake
First appearance King Kong vs. Godzilla
Created by Merian C. Cooper
Portrayed by Shoichi Hirose
Haruo Nakajima

Blog 1: The cool place to spend hours searching for random things, no not Youtube, but Thingiverse

For those unfamiliar with Thingiverse, it is a huge online warehouse of files of 3D object people have designed. Why spend hours drafting something that has already been done? If you can't find what you need on Thingiverse, design it and consider uploading your creation yourself!