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About Me

RepRap User: Sam Carroll
University Penn State
Class of 2016
Major Civil Engineer

Blog 1: The cool place to spend hours searching for random things, no not Youtube, but Thingiverse

For those unfamiliar with Thingiverse, it is a huge online warehouse of files of 3D object people have designed. Why spend hours drafting something that has already been done? If you can't find what you need on Thingiverse, design it and consider uploading your creation yourself!

Something Amazing

I'm amazed.


Design Here: Chain

Something Funny and Strange

Come on it's a Jetpack Bunny, a lot of them!


Design Here: Jetpack Bunny Design

Something Useless

No Real use


Design Here: Minecraft Steve

Something Useful

GPS holder.jpeg

Design Here: Garmin Mount

Something that surprises me


Design Here: Chainmail

Blog 2: Open Source Ecology

What is open source ecology? Taken directly from their OSE Wiki, "Open Source Ecology is accelerating the growth of the next economy - the Open Source Economy - an economy that optimizes both production and distribution - while promoting environmental regeneration and social justice. We are building the Global Village Construction Set. This is a high-performance, modular, do-it-yourself, low-cost platform - that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes - to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts."

Basically their an organization, opperating under open source ideology, that is trying to create a DIY attitude and set of machines that will allow people to become more self sustainable and inprove their quality of life. Why buy huge expensive machinery that you need for whatever you're trying to accomplish, when you can build machines that will fulfil the task for a fraction of the cost? OSE opperates under the same ideology of RepRap, that open sourcing allowes individuals to innovate and create things that they need.

LifeTrac Tractor - Prototype III

Here is a link to a video of one of their tractor's. As a farmboy I find it quite primative. However, I can imagine how for people with less, it would be an amazing improvement to thier quality of life.""

I think that Emily Eakin's article is a disgrace to Open Source Ecology. If you watch this interviewwith Emily about what she intends for the article I think there is a huge gap bettween it and her article. In the interview she is sweet, and seems to suport the project. She says however that information about OSE has stayed in a heady, techy, educated circle of people, and the lay person hasn't had a chance to be informed and learn more. I think her article comes off as a more snobish view of the project than the project really is. She calls it radical, calls the farm 30 weed choked acres, she paints Marcin as a obsesive scientist in kahki's and button down shirt. I don't know what she thinks a layman is, or what she thinks he values, but she didn't write this article to garner support for the common man. As a common man I think Marcin sounds like a nice dressed snob trying to do man's work, some crazy scientist, living 15 miles from anywhere working on stuff. She is unable to write an article for the common man because she isn't connected in any way with what I look at as the common man; Her husband is a professor at the Prestigious Brown University, she writes for the New Yorker. Come on..

Marcin's response on the wiki has simily tones to what I just said. No article is perfect, but he felt the need to write an eight point rebuttle to what was supposed to be a favorable article.

Open Source Ecology, is more than just a good idea in itself. It has created a paradigm that can be studied and replicated to boost inovation and creation. If this open source revolution is to really change the world, it needs to be adapted and replicated by more than people inside the OSE structure. If I was looking for faculty who might be interested in getting involved with something like this, my only suggestion would be Dr. Asbury of the chemistry department. I'm not sure how he feels about open source etc, but I know he is very intersted in technology. He does research with printing flexible photovoltaic cells like a newspaper. While he probably isn't willing to open up about his on going research, I definately respect his intelligence and his chemistry knowledge.