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Vik Olliver (vik (a) diamondage dotty co dotty nz) is one of the core RepRap team and works out of a secret bunker in New Zealand's Waitakere rainforest.

He has a wife, two kids, seven cats and more repraps than you can shake a length of 8mm rod at.

Under the guise of Diamond Age Solutions Ltd. he pushes PLA filament to the addicts...

MkII Extruder made from Adrian's FDM'd parts. The clamping effect is achieved by rubber rollers salvaged from an old printer paper feed roller, and the holed for the studding were drilled out for M4 'cos M3 studding was hard to get.

Some of the washers are very close, and in unimportant cases actually overlap. This can - and will- be solved with a few deft strokes of the file. The screws are not cap screws as they're scavenged from parts kindly donated by ECONZ Wireless.

The gearbox is also ECONZ salvage, and I've replaced its original 6V motor with a 12V motor from an Epson tally printer. The screw thread is not yet fitted, and so I've not built the mounting for the gearbox - it's just held there by the clamp.

-- Main.VikOlliver - 27 Nov 2005

First 3D Cartesian axis

No electrics other than the motor on the stage though. Should take standard circuitry, which I may try building on vero. But it does have steppers on all 3 axes:

  • First 3D Cartesian reprap axis:
VikOlliver-reprap first 3D cartesian sml.jpg

Main.VikOlliver - 28 Dec 2005

  • Extruder controller with comms and TIP31 transistor drivers.:
  • Mk 1 FDM !Stage assembled without limit switches:
VikOlliver-Mk1 Stage Assembled.jpg
  • All 3 axes FDM'd and assembled under a concrete nozzle.:
  • The concrete insulator fitted to an extruder under test @107C:
VikOlliver-concrete extrusion body iunder test sml.jpg
  • The first run of the X-Y axes with extrusion and java-levelled Z axis.:
VikOlliver-first run of x and y deposition sml.jpg
  • First crack at Produce test. Hexagon on left, square on right. Y axis underscaled.:
VikOlliver-first attempt at produce sml.jpg
  • Plot of single Produce layer using a pen instead of extruder.:
  • This is the first recognisable extrusion by the RepRap. A square and hexagon.:
VikOlliver-first extruded recognisablesquare and hexagon sml.jpg
  • Exaggerated helical gear made with Forrest's involute profile script.:
  • Electric screwdriver used to drive extruder, held with Polymorph:
VikOlliver-electric screwdriver extruder.jpg

more Blog Photos From Vik.

  • RepRap Logo in Vienna (full size):