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Blog #1

1. useful :

I think this iPhone case is pretty useful. It protects around the side of the iPhone and has very beautiful design in the back.

2. artistic/beautiful :

It is a beautiful building design. It looks very complex.

3. pointless/useless :

I think this is useless. We don't need a 3D recycle symbol.

4. funny/weird:

A funny design, but it is cute.

5. scary/strange.:

This is a strange design. A little bit scary too.

I believe I am a tinkerer when I was younger. As I grow older, I become less a tinkerer and more interested in computer and other electrics. When I was in high school I receive a present which is a helicopter toy. I really like it and play with it a lot. At that time, I was very amazed by how a small object is able to fly around in my room. However, there is a problem the helicopter toy only work indoor. If I try to play with it outside, it will loss control. Because I like it so much, I start thinking about solution to play with it outside. Finally, I found a solution which is build a paper boat and attach the helicopter on the boat, and then I can move it on the pond in front of my house. In addition to the "boat", I put duct tape around the bottom of the boat to make it waterproof. I was very proud of my design and spend a lot of time playing with it.

I agree with the idea the article is trying to present. The corporate culture stops the tinkering and it is not helpful for innovation and creativity. I think tinkering in a way present a sustainable method for designing a product. Tinkering makes people spend more time on their design and try to design a sustainable and intelligent product. The primary design principle I take away from the interview is that he said"try to understand people through observing them" He uses this method to make his product better and better. I was very impressed by the way he thinks. When I saw they are working on 3D printer, I was very surprised he is working on the same thing as we are. I think watch people who are familiar with the current 3D printer and think of how to make it even better will help with our project.

Blog #2

“Mother of all Demos”

I watched the Douglas Engelbart video and read some article about him. He talks about the relationship between human and computer and how computer can solve many tasks for human. He also show audience how to analyze data. I am not very impressed by the video. In the first minutes, I can not see the text at all. And his voice is very hard to hear. However, I think the features of computer mouse and cursor have no differences. The pointer follows his movement of the mouse until he stops at a some point. Also, he use clicking to select different line in the text.I think that I would have recognized the importance of this work if I were in the audience at the time, because it bring convenience for human using computer.

"Professor Richard Doyle"

Professor Richard Doyle mentions the video “Mother of all Demos” in his presentation. People at that time don't care about Engelbart's invention. They think it is useless. I think sharing information is really important for the whole society. By sharing knowledge, people can improve their current knowledge. It can promote innovation and creativity. There are a lots of great example that show making something open source can help it gradually improve, such as reprap project and android.

Blog #3

Part A: 3D printing in Civil Engineering

Professor Khoshnevis has a brilliant idea for automated construction. At the beginning of his speech, he talks about need for construction in third world country, but automated construction may not work

for those countries. Automated construction required the large "printing" machine. The machine can cost millions of dollars and some countries can not afford it. Also, usually in those countries labor is much

cheaper than using machine and some place may not even have electricity. However, automated construction will be a great idea for rapid growing cities in developed or developing countries. As the city population

grows rapidly, housing become a big problem. Since demand is almost greater than supply, housing price increases every year. Automated construction is a great solution, because it is cheap and fast.

A problem should be take into concern is the weather condition. Wind, rain, snow and heat can create a lot of problems.

Part B : 3D printing in Biotech

I don't know much about biotech, but I know if this technology can be achieved, it can save a lot of life. Current 3D printing in biotech such as prosthetic limbs, custom hearing aids and dental fixtures

they are placed outside of a human body. If 3D printing in used to print a human organ, the object will be place in side a human body. Then the material selection is very critical, It needs to be printable and

will not be rejected by the human body. I think there is still lots of research to be done.

Part C: 3D printing in Food Science