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2.3 - I think a good challenge would be printing out structural parts that will replace some of the metal rods. The design would have to be modular so they can be combined to make the full length of the rod. Obviously the printer cant print out an object that is the same size as itself. I want to look into this later on this semester as a project!

2.2 - I'm not sure if industries will fail, just that the companies will have to scale down the production of some things. Small hardware like wall hooks, knobs and switches could be printed but people will still want to buy the real commercial versions for esthetics I think.

2.1- There is obviously a limit on the resolution we can have. nozzles with smaller and smaller holes bring different problems, like the force that would have to be applied to force the filament through the smaller hole. This might be fixed by increasing the temperature of the extruded material to make it less viscous, and then cooling it off with a fan after its been extruded. There might be other trick for higher resolution other than just a smaller hole. Maybe the hot tip could be used to re-melt already extruded material to form a thinner layer? Just a random thought


Much more readable now!

3.1 -

3.3 -

2.1 - Have you considered what our resolution limits are, even with a smaller nozzle?

2.2 - You still pay at some level or another even if you're saving a lot of money by printing yourself. What industries do you think would fail?

2.3 - What's the next thing on our printers we should start to make ourselves?