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Could you give me some information on what features about the aluminium extrudes are important for the MendelMax? I've been trying to find a good replacement for people in the EU who might want to make a MendelMax (as the manufacturer you picked doesn't sell to private people in the EU), and I've found some which are close in their specifications, but have a thicker center or similar. E.g. how well would this work? There's a datasheet here. Thanks! -Kyo 20:27, 9 December 2011 (UTC)

HI Kyo,

Yes, that works fine. They are already listed on our Alternate Suppliers page.

Generally speaking, any 20mm profile will work fine. You may need to adjust the exact BoM, for example the extrusion you link to uses M4 nuts instead of M5, and has a center hole for M6 screws instead of M5 as the Misumi does.

NOTE: Generally speaking this is not the best place to post questions. For best results, ask in our IRC Channel or on our Google Group.