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3.1 - True: Private access to model content is something which has been going on for some time. The problem being that no one knows how useful or good the models are until they have access to them in the first place... not a great selling point. What about restrictions on the data files or the printers themselves? What stops you from using your own model from wherever?

3.2 - For people who responded in detail i've declined to comment, however i just wanted to point out that the argument about 'non-conservation of information' is meant to imply that you don't lose anything by giving it away, not that it is taken from you in the process. Just wanted to make sure that was clear. Really, this question was more of an opportunity for self reflection, but good luck with your grand scheming.

3.3 - Explain why you have mixed feelings about 'ending IP'. On Tuesday we will talk more about the kinds of IP, and that might give you better descriptions for framing the debate.

2.1 - How might we make it come to be? What steps would it take?

2.2 - Some money is required, but you can go from idea to product without paying middlemen. Surely there's value in that?

2.3 - People are working to make money with reprap now, and sometimes are still giving their ideas away. What about being known for your designs by the utility of your thingiverse uploads? If everyone can make things, does being a designer become more important or less?