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A new structure

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Release status: working

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GPL v2
CAD Models
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Made in Italy 3D printer

The new Kentstrapper’s 3D printer was born between Florence and Milan, among the imaginary line that merge the best italian craft tradition with the love of the international maker movement for research and innovation. And it was born thanks to Patrizia and Marcello’s (co-founders of Tecnificio) love for design and to Kentstrapper’s experience in 3D printing.

Make your 3D model real, quickly

A 3D printer allows you to have a high-tec and cheap tool at home. Whith a 3D printer, you can transform digital 3D models (created with 3D modeling softwares) in real objects. Now everyone can create unique and custom objects, and express his/her creativity in a new, uncharted way. You can control every single step of the production, from the project to the printing-profile, up to the creation of the real object. Having a physical model means that you can test it and actually verify the correctness of the shapes shown on the screen, and possibly correct them quickly.

This 3d printer was created with the goal of having a solid formal solution, separated from the concept of the “cube”, in order to have a greater printing area and an optimization of production and shipping costs. We designed a new structure, removable but easy-to-assemble and very solid. It was made with a laser-cut and paste slab of HDF (High-Density Fibreboard) colored with natural dyes, with excellent mechanical properties and resistance to wear.

The fourth generation This 3d printer is our fourth generation model. a new loading system of the wire was implemented, thanks to a guidance of drag (Bowden). Finally, the support for the wire of consumable plastic material (ABS or PLA) was integrated into the structure . The are a lot of improvements, such as a better stability in using or a faster assembly phase. Particular attention was paid to the interaction man/machine, the printing precision of the individual layers, and the renovation of the extrusion apparatus.

An Open Source soul

The Open Source philosophy continues in this work. In addition to mount an Arduino board and enjoy Freeware printing, the production files of the new structure will be made available under creative commons license, in order to allow a wider spread of the project.

Documentation Manual [ qui]

Draw [ qui]

Where you can buy

The printer is sold on the website [ Kentstrapper]