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Wych Salt

Release status: experimental

A derivative of Plan B.
CAD Models
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Huxley seedling evolution

For the last Five years I have been building various RepStrap versions of Darwin and Mendel trying to devise simple ways to build these printed self replicating machines. This is a complete change from the usual reprap machine it will print Local material found 200m or so below my feet.. Wych Salt Printer is a revision of the Plan B powder printer designed by Yvo de Haas.


Made from laser cut Glass effect Perspex With about 700grams of printed parts


Buildbox dimensions : Build Volume 150mmx150mmx100mm (l x w x h)

Layer thickness: 0.1mm to 0.25mm

Inkjet resolution: 96DPI (HP C6602)

Build material: Winsford Salt

Build material: Binder TBD

Step accuracy (X/Y) 0.05mm

Speed: 60mm/s

Printing speed: Up to 30mm per hour

Power consumption: Up to 160W

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