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YARR - Yet Another RepRap

Release status: working

YARR 50x50.jpg
CAD Models
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YARR (Yet Another RepRap) is an open source 3D printer designed and developed by LEDs&Chips Creative Electronics. YARR is based on the CoreXY technique [1]and adds several improvements to other printers.
Where to buy
 - Leds & Chips Assembled - Portugal

YARR 50x50.jpg

Technical specifications



Built Version 7575

Printer Dimensions: 1250(X) x 1250(Y) x 1250 mm(Z without bowden tupe support)
Print Area Dimensions: 750(X) x 750(Y) x 750 mm(Z)

Built Version 5050

Printer Dimensions: 1000(X) x 1000(Y) x 1000 mm(Z without bowden tupe support)
Print Area Dimensions: 500(X) x 500(Y) x 500 mm(Z)

Mechanical Construction

OpenBuilds V-Slot aluminium frame
OpenBuilds Wheels carriages X, Y, Z
4 motors Z Axis
Flexible aluminium coupling for threaded rods of Z Axis
9 point print base levelling system with cushioning
Quick change system for multi tools head
Brushless Fans with axial ball bearings.

Print resolution

Very high: 60 microns
High 100 microns
Medium 200 microns
Low 300 microns

Extruder Mechanics

Custom extruder design
0.4mm nozzle
Heat-sinks with axial fan
Part cooling nozzle

Print speed

-Recommended speed: 70 mm / s
-Maximum recommended speed: 200 mm / s


Any RepRap electronics conforming to RepRap Interface Standard RIS 1. Default: RAMPS 1.4
LCD Panel with rotary encoder and push-button navigation for autonomous printing
Cold glass base (size:750 ​​x 750 x 4 mm)
Power supply: 220 AC 12 DC 100W
Thermistor 100k EPCOS
Heating element: 12V 40W


Firmware derivative Marlin
Recommended environment: Cura Software
Supported Files:. Gcode
OS supported:
Windows XP and above
Mac OS X and above


Standard SD card reader
USB Port Type B


PLA Filament 1.75-mm