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3d Printer Nelu

Release status: Working

Nelu Delta robot v2.png
Description 3D printer nelu
License GPL
Author Ionel Ciobanuc
Based-on Delta robot
Categories 3d Printer
CAD Models
External Link https://sites.google.com/site/3dneludeltaen/3d-printer/delta-robot-nelu

under construction

3D printer nelu type printer is a nonlinear delta robot to remove the rods and linear bearings. Objective: Make a cheap printers as easily available parts.

Inspired by:


Materials used:

- M8 threaded rods. (3 pieces of 1M)
- Nuts M8
- 608ZZ bearings (6 pieces)
- Copper pipe with outer diameter of 6 mm and 4mm inside the extruder
- Brass nut clogged nozzle 0.4mm drill holes
- 4mm PTFE

For details visit https://sites.google.com/site/3dneludeltaen/3d-printer/delta-robot-nelu

Nelu Delta robot v2.png

Nelu delta robot v2 lateral.png Nelu delta robot v2 1 sus.png

Nelu delta robot detalii roata.png Nelu delta robot imbinare.png

Nelu delta robot1.JPG

Delta robot nelu 2.JPG

Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuWyirjuE_Fe0zXUW4uCxDg/videos